Since my first post “I Quit My Studies At The Age Of 18 And Traveled To 97 Countries Since Then” incredibale popular i decided to make another post about my travelers.

Here some of the great people i meet on my travels around the world.

More info:

One of the last living headhunters

This is one of only 7living real hunters of north east India. He used to be a tribal warrior in hes younger days.

Kashmir kid

Young kid from Indian part of Kashmir

Tibetan Kid

Meet this young kid on my way to MT.Everest in Tibet

Afghanistan girl

I traveled to the border of Afghanistan in Pakistan and got invited by a local family

North Korean Solider

I traveld to North Korea and meet a cool solider

Tibetan Monk

i Stayed in a tibetan village for some time in western China

Tibetan woman

I come across a local wedding

Tibetan young girl

Meet his young girl in the country side in tibet

Pakistan man

I meet this Pakistani man in northern Pakistan