My name is Igor Dobrowolski I painted my first work of art in 2014 and since then it has absorbed almost every moment in my life. I organized all exhibitions and works alone with my loved ones. Maybe you will find it worthwhile.

There are many topics that I try to move in my drawing ideas, or maybe the topics that move me, such as death, mental health, depression, war, problems of the poor and homeless, addiction, narcissism, lack of empathy.

I feel however that the binding agent of all these problems or stories is suffering, a particle of hope, and an attempted reminder that life can be terribly cruel and thereby show that „our” problems are not great, virtually non-existent in comparison to the aforementioned tragedy. Perhaps by this appreciating your life, our time, or ordinary moments. and the emphasis on understanding and empathy. I believe that empathy is one of the most important and very underestimated features.

I do not deceive myself with the salvation of the world, but maybe my creative ideas and the work of others, not necessarily in the art world, will help to fix something.

It is very important for me to include, in all of my black and white drawings the particle of hope, because I believe it’s going to be „better” even after the greatest tragedies, perhaps for life or maybe death. I do not want to be too lofty, It’s just the way I feel and I do not know how to put it into words.

I couldn’t include all of my unique artworks, for more visit my not so social “social” media.

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Oil paintings


Oil Painting title: To seek Love Inscription: “Where to seek love. Is this place at all?” II Oil Painting title: “Dream” III Oil Painting title: “We all had a dream” Inscription: I need a small chance

Oil Painting title: “We all had a dream” Inscription: I need a small chance

Title: Feel Inscription (translation from Polish): Only feel, but now without of pain.


Title: “Less dead” (Inscription) Feel a little bit better less dead

Oil paintings

Title: “From a head full of pressure rest the senses that I clutch” Inscription (translation from Polish) Everyone is flying up, I just need a chance, I’m the one


My first Sculpture that i made in my life present “Human Failure” caused by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, people lack the ability to function without technology. Merging humans with technology and AI. The cubes on the work represent the inorganic shapes that connect with the human. The inscription on the “Painting” (bas relief) questions: “When your humanity ends? But what humanity is?


Making of / video

Oil painting title: „Trying to find a balance” (2015)

Oil painting REAL GOD ( Inscription) “How You want to refuse God”

Oil Painting: Fragile

Oil painting title: ADDICTION


One of my first drawing (2014) Painting title :„Beslan girl”

Street art stencil on Berlin Wall

Oil painting title: Dry your eyes (Right inscription) Does it hurt any more ?

My first exhibition Video from my solo exhibition ”Why do you exist” in Warsaw Poland 2016

Oil painting title: “NOTHING BUT LOVE”

Domestic violence victims, titles: “WHY DID I STAY?” and “WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST LEAVE?” Inspired by domestic violence victims.

Oil Painting “No Future”


Street Art installation presents a child, making drawings (dreams, desires). Any child can become homeless from the installation, in the absence of support, love, attention or lack of favorable conditions.v

” Dream “

Oil paintings were inspired by homeless people and people addicted to alcohol from my hometown

Street Art Bilbords: Fast Fashion. Bangladesh 1,134 people Dead after a clothing factory building collapse.

Street Art Bilbords: Fast Fashion. Bangladesh 1,134 people Dead after a clothing factory building collapse.

Video from making of: Fast Fashion


Art installation “Fade” One of the art installations on my solo exhibition in Berlin Germany

We put ronald mcdonald over the sign in Warsaw Poland to shed light on avertisment manipulation

Making of video: Ronald


Street art installation: WAR CHILD, CHILD WITHOUT A MAMA

„Truth Lies” (2015)

I Made Billboards To Spark A Light On The Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen Which Become Hell On Earth.

Video Making of Christmas in Yemen