30 Wild horses roam free on about 500 hectares of wetlands near the mouth of the Botriver in South Africa. They are rumoured to be descendants of horses hidden in the marsh during the Anglo Boer war.

Free from human intervention, these magnificent creatures have braved the elements for many decades. They fight often and fiercely and are covered in scars, appearing sometimes heroic and sometimes battle worn.
No-one looks after them, and most people are totally unaware of them.

I have been stalking them for 5 years. Whenever I get tired of the city and my mundane job of photographing baby shoes and furniture I escape to the coast to spend some time with them. A few hours of trudging through marshes, wading through thick reeds and canoeing in a leaking boat is enough to make me fool myself into believing my childhood fantasy, being a photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

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