My Brancusi Visions gather a series of photographic works made in a special technique – lightpainting.

Lightpainting, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph.

Images are executed in a single shot , they are not digital compositions made in Photoshop.

What i did is that i photographed an empty room, in the dark , with a long exposure. From a technical standpoint everything is seen are footprints left by different light sources, or different modifiers light.

From a conceputal standpoint, beyond the original works carved in wood, stone or metal, my “visions” of Brancusi works reinterpreted in color, light and energy some famous works of the great sculptor: A muse, Beginning of world, Bird in space, Chairs aleea, Kings of kings, Prometheus, Princess x, Sleeping muse, The gate of the kiss, The fish, The infinity column, The kiss, The table of silence, Torso of a young girl and Torso of a young man.

Why Brancusi?

Because Constantin Brancusi is considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century, because he is one of my favorites artists, because he is a romanian born artist and because in 2016 we celebrated 140 years since his birth .

It is my way to pay homage to the works of Constantin Brancusi.

The infinity column 1

The table of silence

Chairs aleea

The gate of the kiss

A muse

Beginning of world

Bird in space

Kings of kings

Princess x


The fish

The kiss

Torso of a young girl

Torso of a young man

Sleeping muse

The infinity column 2