I created this piece originally in college as part of my advanced drawing course. The assignment was to create a drawing made up of an object.

I chose chameleons as my subject to serve as a metaphor for the inner/outer self.

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Despite popular belief, chameleons change color according to mood/mental state. The chameleon on the below is a metaphor for the ideal. Its coloring and position represent a content and pleasant state.

The chameleon above is the opposite state. The two represent different facets of the self in flux, presented in a balancing-act sort of scenario.

Constructing the chameleons entirely out of tiny colored glass beads was a very tedious, meditative process that allowed for much introspection.


Each glass bead was individually selected and glued.

The result is an allegorical self-portrait for different facets of the self, created at a time when I was still discovering and developing myself.