I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. In high school, I was faced with the choice of what to do with my life and where to go to school. The options presented to me were to be a nurse or go to cosmetology school. During my Senior year, I was in a car accident that almost took my life. After learning to walk again, I returned to school and decided I wanted to do something I loved, not something that would pay my bills.

I went to art school and worked hard to make art my life. I loved every minute of it. But as many artists know, after school you have to face the real world and it’s limited art jobs. I took a few non-art related jobs here and there and finally found work for a company that let me create art on the daily. Recently this company has made some changes and my role is becoming obsolete. Rather than see this as the end of my art life, I see it as a chance to do my own art, get it out into the world, and continue to enjoy what I do.

I recently started an Etsy shop and am hopeful it will grow into something that allows me to pursue my art, make cute things, and maybe pay some bills.

I started by making some Avengers illustrations, moved onto some greeting card designs, bought myself a button press and am now starting to make magnet sets! It’s a slow growth but I love every minute of it.

More info: Etsy | lydiajeanart.com