8 months ago I discovered a new live streaming platform. This was -except for my facebook and twitter- a very new social media experience for me. Blab.im is a livestreaming platform that allows 4 people at a time in 4 square boxes to talk to eachother.

Those rooms are open to everyone, you can watch or comment on the topics discussed. Or when you’re brave enough, jump in an open (video)seat. I myself am a shy person, so jumping in wasn’t my priority.

But my oh my, what a dream for a person who loves to sketch people! You have virtual unlimited choices of models, all continents, age groups, ethnicities… The best part of it, they don’t even know I am sketching them…:) I was sketching their portraits in my little moleskine sketchbook in the comfort of my own home while listening to them in the sidelines. I recently photographed 238 of them. What you see here is a selection. Oh, and all the people I’ve sketched did receive their portraits in digital form after their blab was over.

More info: ksoete.com