My name is Anne Widya, I have previously posted pictures of creative breakfast I make for my kids by getting up much earlier. These breakfasts look arty and appetizing, but sometimes I them like tell their own story as well. This time I decided to expand this story side of my breakfast art.

Of all food, these hotdog sausages make the best plate-story characters. Together with their detailed surroundings, it usually takes around 45 – 60 minutes to make 3 plates.

Interesting toys or characters I see throughout the day give my ideas, but my 4 kids, that now eagerly await breakfast, are my biggest inspiration for  making up these food-stories.

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OMG, I saw a big whale behind you

Don’t drink and drive, kids

Oh dear, what happened?

Let’s adopt these monsters

Look what I found on your plate, Mr. Hammy hedgehog

Oh no, spiders attack!

Row row row your boat

I love your dress, Mr, Egg turtle

Slow down, you’re going to get a speeding ticket

Too bad Mr. & Mrs Sausages met the Giants

My Hotdog Breakfasts For My Kids Each Tell Their Own Story