In South Asia, no matter how independent or old you are, you stay with your parents, who will never cease to instill ‘the VALUES’ in you. Here are some conversations for you to follow, relate to and enjoy a South Asian perspective of Adulting, while staying with parents.

Rule #1: Never “Answer Back”

No matter how old you are, or how logical your arguments could be, you never enter into any discussion.

Rule #2: The Fear of Old Age

You have to be mentally prepared to take care of your parents when they are old, which they get immediately as soon as they have to make any point heard.

Rule #3: Drink Water

If you ask my mom, she will tell you that the Kendall-Pepsi ad faced backlash because she was not DRINKING WATER.

Rule #4: Every trivial thing has an auspicious DAY

Even if it is cutting nails, she will tell you that it can’t be done on Tuesday, or Saturday, or on your Birth Day, because ASTROLOGY, especially SHANI (Saturn)

Rule #5: Because Computers!

According to my mom, every thing happens because our generation spends time in front of the computers.

Rule #6: Get Married to Live Life

Basically, I have to get married to GROW UP, and be an adult. Period.

Rule #7: Remember She had it TOUGH

Yes, she will always compare her struggles and her life with you, no matter the context, so you ‘realize’ that life is happening to you in worst possible way.