I’m a photographer and multimedia artist currently based in NYC. Working in fashion, advertising, travel photography I was always interested in exploring new ways to recreate my images. Searching for different techniques I stumbled upon sun-printing, which is based on direct sun light exposure and cyanotype process. Images through negative turn a vibrant Prussian blue, eclipsed by the sun light.

It is exclusive and distinctive art form that was created by English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842.
Layering techniques, motion and manipulation of paper and negative gives result, that is especially significant, because what you get resembles graphic painting, with vintage look. Each photo is one of a kind, with unique brush strokes printed on watercolour paper. I sometimes use coffee or tea toning to achieve vintage, sepia look, different from original sun-print’s many shades of blue.

I have experimented with various mediums in combination of sun-printing-I think result is original and unique- like placing the sun-print on a burnt wood plate and adding colour with acrylic paint.

I greatly enjoy turning my travelling photos, portraits and landscapes into creation that is something in between photo and painting- It’s almost like I give new life and soul to my photos.

More info: Mindia.ge

Monk and Tiger, Tiger Temple, Thailand

Karo and Mursi Tribes, Ethiopia


Bull jumping ceremony, Ethiopia

Jaisalmer Desert, India

Boats, Varanasi, India

Amazing Ornaments


Boat Man, India

Childhood, India

Water Buffalo, India

Indian Woman

Tiger Temple,Thailand

Varanasi, India

Water Buffalo and Bird

Goa, India

Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia

Portrait of Thai girl, Thailand

Stunning Look, Boy from Karo Tribe, Ethiopia

Touch, Ari Tribe, Ethiopia

Mursi Tribe with Lip Plate, Ethiopia

Beauty, Erbore Tribe, Ethiopia

Portrait of an old man, India

Goa waves, India

Mother, Dassanech Tribe, Ethiopia

Boy and Marabu, Avasa Lake, Ethiopia

Childhood, Ethiopia

Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia

Warrior Woman, Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia