Between me and Iceland, it was definitely love at first sight. I visited this beautiful island a couple of times during my summer vacations, mainly to get away from the crowded and noisy beaches of Liguria, Italy. Iceland has become my favourite getaway to charge my batteries, and regain the deep connection I have with the sea. I could feel the waves, the sea birds screams, the sand beneath my toes, the cold wind on my face. I thought it was true heaven, until I decided to visit during winter time.

I was really in a dark place at the moment, my true inspiration as a photographer, but also as a human being, my father, had just passed away after a three years long battle against cancer, my relationship was over, and with that I lost my job, my house, and 8 years worth of little things collected together. All I had left was my camera and a pair of hiking boots, and I thought the best thing to do was to go to the land of ice and fire and see if this beautiful place could do the magic once again.

I came back as a different person, with this set of pictures which, to me, perfectly describe my life at that moment, and most of all, describe the rough and primordial beauty of winter Iceland.

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Vestrahorn, Hofn


Lóndrangar, Snæfellsnes

Djupalonssandur, Snæfellsnes



Reynisfjara, Vik

Hvitserkur, Vatnsnes