I'm a Venezuelan emigrant living in Spain. When I first arrive I felt really lost about myself in general. So I decided to start drawing my thoughts about daily life, while I was in this state of not being able to study or work, always trying to bring the funny/positive side, but not always achieving it.

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Living in another country and starting a new life makes me believe that everything is possible. And my dream is to find people who enjoyed my art, so I hope to accomplish that and make your day in the process with this post.

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#1 Frinally....



José Guedes Rodríguez 1 year ago

every single time!!

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#3 Life Is Just Not Easy

Life Is Just Not Easy


Dariana Quevedo Diana 1 year ago

Every time 😂 hahahs

#7 Madafakas!!



frank h 1 year ago


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