This is my first post on here, and Id like to see where it takes me! I dont think Ill go very far, but the possibility is always there! Tips/Constructive criticism is welcome! :)


So I got the inspiration for this piece from Halsey’s song “Gasoline”. It was originally going to be like, a mechanical bird, but I dont have enough talent for that (yet)


I was working through my art block, and came up with this. Its… well I dont really know what it is haha 😅


Another inspiration from TwentyOne Pilot’s song “Lane Boy” and… yep! It didnt turn out how I wanted it too, but thats what I came up with!


I really like to draw birds in top hats. It makes them look professional (even though they already do) I decided to just add a monocle and mustache :P


This was going to be a WHITE crane, but then like, I was getting creative and just made it a flamingo with a pointy beak. Again, fancy bird with it’s fancy top hat.


This was actually before I drew #2. I was originally wanting a space bird sort of thing, and I came up with this. I made a small storyline with this one and #2. Long story short, they birds have taken over and like, ruled the world? I dunno, its hard to explain 😂 (do people ise emojis on here? Ive never seen them)


This is one of my FAVORITE pieces Ive done so far. Even though the wings are messed up a bit, I still really like it. The geometric shapes on the body give off a kind of void-y feeling (fun fact: this was originally an all black bodied bird minus the geometric shapes. I tested a few out digitally, and liked the outcome so just drew them on the paper)