If you’re like me you feel 1,000x more confident when you’re dressed in a way that you can express yourself. I mean, yes, some days expressing yourself means no bra & sweatpants with a pizza on your lap… I feel you. But, how many of us would feel confident in giving a speech in that attire? Or meeting the President? Feeling comfortable and confident in our appearance builds an inner strength that helps us power through this chaotic life.

This is what led me to start this wonderful journey in creating beautiful, chemo hats for women to express themselves in a confident, strong manner. I truly believe in the healing power of inner strength. In no way can I begin to imagine what someone undergoing chemotherapy treatments is feeling or how the loss of a person’s hair affects their spirit but I watched helplessly as someone I loved went through this.

I lost my mother to cancer in June of 2013. After she passed I struggled with grief and wanted to do something positive for cancer patients. With artistic talent, I wasn’t sure how to do this as I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to anything in the medical field. I spent a week thinking back to what my mom struggled with and what she could have used to give some sort of relief. Wigs were a struggle. When she began losing her hair she purchased beautiful wigs that were so realistic no one even knew she had lost her hair. It seemed to be the perfect “fix”. But it wasn’t. The wigs were hot, heavy, and itchy and I learned something I’d never thought of before. Chemo patients so often deal with very tender heads after treatment so to put something heavy and itchy on can be very uncomfortable. After that, we began looking into scarves and would spend hours in her closet trying different scarves and methods of tying them. No matter how often I would tell her she looked beautiful, she never felt it or truly believed it. This mattered to me because I could feel her energy and strength in her fight when she felt confident but when she didn’t I could feel and see her body weaken.

Finally, I knew what I could do to make a difference. I began thinking about how I might feel if I lost my hair and what I would like to wear. The chemo hats I create are incredibly comfortable, like sweatpants for your head, and sassy in style. When I started researching other chemo hats I found most to be dull and many seemed to just be a cover for hair loss. I didn’t want mine to be a cover because it’s nothing to be ashamed of or needs to be covered. These hats are meant to be an accessory to the outfit a woman chooses to express herself with while being a protective comfort for her tender head.

I love coming up with new styles that push the norm. Feisty, sassy, pretty, soft styles. Many of the hats are adorned with bows, veils, flowers, and pearls. All of the things I love to wear in expressing who I am.

I know that my talents aren’t able to cure someone but just knowing that I can build inner strength and bring a smile to a beautiful woman’s face means a lot.

I hope you love them and check out my shop on Etsy!

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