I reached a point in my life when work, chores and other adult must do’s took over my life. I remember thinking as a child that when I grow up I will never loose joy in really simple things like playing in the rain, building sand castles or playing hot lava (game where you imagine that there is lava all around you and only certain color tales are safe to jump on). That I will never prioritize work and money over happiness of doing whatever I want, even if it’s just lying on the grass and looking at the clouds. It was enough to be happy, you didn’t need any expensive gadgets, luxury car or a house. Most of the time imagination was all you needed.

As a child you never feared simple stuff like falling, you get bruised and bloody, take a second to look at the injury and carry on with playing. Now you think about ripped clothes the damage done, the pain and how it will look etc. Rain was something magical now you hide away and run from it. My imaginary friend lets me get back to that fearless childhood where everything was possible and heart was filled with pure joy.

All of you are welcome to join me on the search of that childhood innocence full of wonders, love and magic. When was the last time you stood in the rain with your eyes closed and just let yourself enjoy the moment?

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