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I Create Mind-Blowing 3d Blacklight Art Installations
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I Create Mind-Blowing 3d Blacklight Art Installations


It’s like becoming Alice in Wonderland, I create my blacklight murals and installation artwork to be experienced in a true 3d immersive environment, surrounding all who enter in a magical, surreal place, that usually only would exist in the imagination of a childlike dream. Debi cable’s 3d blacklight experience is a mobile museum & art installations that are blowing minds of all ages. Created from the artistic inspirations from the burning man culture and then becoming one of the highlights of music and arts festivals around the world. Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival, burning man, the do labs’ lightning in a bottle, to mystery and in New York & sunset music festival in Florida (and many more), to dazzling the fine arts patrons of the Beverly Hills unique art show, as well as creating an incredible light art installation for an entire wing of Lancaster Museum, celebrating the opening with a unique, glowing 3d mothers day tea party. Vibrant fluorescent hand-painted works of art delight and inspire audiences of all ages. From magical gardens, galactic wonderlands, to surreal landscapes beyond the imaginative creative ideas that seem to come to life while wearing the artist’s signature 3d glasses.

More info:

3D Installation for the Boogaloo, Music and Art Car Festival, Photo Credit Jonesaroundtheworld

3D Blacklight Space installation Fully immersive party space for kids and adults. Photo Credit Christian Meola

American Community Network Video from my 3D Blacklight installation at the Lancaster Museum

360, 3D blacklight installation at Muzeum Gallery. Los Angeles Photo by Christian Meola


Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnivals Favorite installation, Photo by Josh Reiss

3D Installation for the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa Florida, photo by Christopher Cross

Vip rooms


Burning Man’s own Destiny Lounge, full emersion 3D blacklight installation


Party Time at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland 3D in San Francisco


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