All of us enjoy flowers, they light up a room, and can be as simple as a daisy in a field, or ornate arrangements for a fancy event. As a photographer, I coax out the hidden beauty beyond what is first seen to make an artwork.

I work to emphasize the color or form which may not have been the most obvious part which catches the eye. I want you to see the inner beauty, the quiet spirit, the way a flower interacts with its environment. Using processing steps I first learned in a darkroom many years ago and now do with my DSLR, and then adding texture and impressions, I create a cohesive piece which can transform a room or add a quiet touch by your favorite reading chair.

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Hosta Lilies

Abelia Coming Through


Pink Hydrangea And Purple Pansies

Sunflower On The Side

Dogwood Alight

Spider Lily In The Rain

Mountain Laurel

Dreamy Azaleas

Alabaster Petals