Woof! Here we meet again! You may already know my earlier creations like- True Gentlemans, Grumpy Catipus, Pandapus and several breeds of Octodogs.

From time first I was published you kept on asking one question – Do I make Octocuties based on Pets’ photos? Yes, I do! In fact, it is more fun to make something a bit different, because every Pet is unique! An Octocutie by itself brings loads of joy, but when You get something what looks like Your lovely Pet it’s double happiness.

Lets take a look to some of them. Real life models and how they would look if they would be an Octopuses (and one of them has a special mission- he is a Teapot Cosy).

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Winston, octodog pug

Little Spikey, white octodog


Bella, grumpy catipus lady


Serious english octobulldog


Adorable grey octopuppy

Fancy octokitty, teapot cosy

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