Each and every item I made is important as single seed in pomegranate. I have a lot of fun creating them for someone to warm their heart.

These are few of my crochet and knitted toy works. Made from various threads with care and passion.

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    One day on some fun page I found photoshoped image of cat with octopus tentacles. I found that so funny and somehow very cute, so I decided I need to try and make one by my own. So this is the result. Catipus have 8 tentacles, cat ears and small black cylinder hat. Made from acrylic and mohair yarns and filled with polyester toy filling. Those deep blue eyes are hand painted with acrylic paints on glass cabochons.

    The Great Octopus

    The Great Fluffy Lillac Octopus! He’s a real gentleman and great in pillow fights, and can be an interior element.

    True Gentleman


    An octopus with epic mustache, cylinder hat, monocle and adorable blue eyes. I know, he has more than 8 tentacles, but every one of them is important. He is made in mixed techniques – crochet and knitting, from soft purple acrylic yarn and with polyester filling. I hand painted glass cabochon eyes, and made mustache from sheep wool. He is about 14 cm high including hat and bit longer when stretches his tentacles.


    Younger ones, but already gentlemen.