It’s really funny when you try to understand foreign expressions and idioms because most of them make no sense when you’re translating them. So is the case from Romanian to English.

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I picked some interesting ones, opened up After Effects, brewed myself a bucket of coffee and this came out.


I hope you like them.

More info:

Cutting Grass For The Dogs (A tăia frunză la câini) – It means doing something useless, wasting time, just as cutting grass for dogs would be.

Gone With The Raft (Dus cu pluta) – When someone is crazy in Romania, we say he is no longer here, but he’s gone with the raft.

A Rub On A Wooden Leg (Frecție la picior de lemn) – A waste of time, something totally unnecessary.

Like A Pig In A Cornfield (Ca porcul în păpușoi) – Being quiet about something, usually when you’re guilty, as I’m sure pigs in cornfields do.

One’s Mustard Is Jumping (Îi sare muștarul) – When your mustard is jumping, in Romania, it means you are getting very angry.