I am introspective and spend considerable time examining my own thoughts and feelings. The process became a commitment to patience, sometimes I feel like it’s a rebellion against the speed and immediacy that surrounds us. I believe that in order to create work that is interesting and meaningful to others, you must first understand and accept who you are as an individual.

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I’m Glenn Ellul a 24-year-old illustrator and designer. I create surreal and intricate illustrations using thousands of handmade lines, often created using just fine liner pens. I think that loneliness is necessary to myself. I need it to trigger the creative process, to recall, deep into my memory.

Here are some tips to be a better artist: 1) Turn off the internet; 2) Be self-aware (it’s as important as skill); 3) Alone is okay; 4) Work hard; 5) Nobody cares, work harder.

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