Yehuda Adi Devir (previously here, here, and here) is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator who knows how to enjoy the little things in everyday life. The comic artist and character designer creates cute comics about his daily adventures with his wife, and they perfectly describe their married life.

“I think the reason people like “One of those days” so much is because they identify with it and relive the beautiful [moments] that were important parts of shaping their own long-term relationship,” Yehuda told Bored Panda. “Viewers see their life through “One of those days” and feel that they are not alone… There are other people somewhere in the world who are just like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [as well] and it gives [them] a sense of relevance.”

There are, however, themes that won’t appear in these relatable comics. Ever. “Politics! It has no place in the cartoon drawings. One of “One of those days” goals is to bring people together, not keep them apart.”

Maya is an artist herself and collaborates with her husband on the series. “Usually after something interesting <...> happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches,” Yehuda added. “After that, I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting color, typography, and so on. All of this process takes no more than a day.”

Scroll down to check out the cute couple’s newest pieces!

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World Cup

It’s Alive!


She woke up like this

So Maya has an Instagram account now…

“We” are on a diet…

Hanging by a thread

Mini vacation


We saw Avengers: Infinity War…twice!



Series killer

Blood test

Unhappy ending

Duck kiss

Proposal Remake


Baby face

Good morning

The sound of silence

Happy Valentine’s day

For those wondering how the artist and his wife looks like in real life they created these “Birthday special” illustrations:


“I picked the most beautiful flower in the garden!”

Image credits: jude_devir