To protect our loved ones from COVID-19, especially those who are in the risk group, we are forced to keep a distance from them. This means that we cannot even visit them for a brief minute and must refrain from hugs and kisses. However, we all know that nothing feels better than a hug from your grandparents, so a smart girl from Riverside created a walkaround.

This 10-year-old girl couldn’t wait for social distancing to end so she could hug her grandparents

After seeing a video of someone making a blanket that intended to allow people to give hugs to their family members while keeping them safe from the coronavirus, the 10-year-old girl, Paige, got an idea.

So she decided to create a curtain that allows to safely embrace them

She decided to construct a safe curtain that has sleeves to allow two people to hug each other.

With this creation, Paige and other family members were able to embrace each other without the threat of the virus.

Watch the video of the beautiful moment below