Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the USA, with over 40 million adults affected yearly, Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports. And while anxiety disorders are relatively easy to treat, only 36,9% of those affected receive treatment. The rest most likely don’t know how to deal with it, are too afraid to seek professional help, or simply aren’t aware of the problem or the treatment. And while different methods work for different people, there are some general rules one could start with and try out to see if they help deal with anxiety. Tumblr gathered together to share some tips on what does and doesn’t work when tackling their own inner struggles. Scroll down below to read them and if you have experience with anxiety disorders, share your own tricks in the comments.

Suffering from anxiety, one person started a post discussing what does and what doesn’t work when dealing with the inner turmoil

People agreed, sharing their own tips and experiences

However, others disagreed with the tips offered