Yes, I am one of those typical “horse girls“. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of hoof-beats and flying through the fields on a back of a horse. I can’t imagine a day without these magnificent animals. After graduating from school it was time to decide what to do with my life. One thing I was entirely sure of: I’d do something that was near to my heart and soul instead of working in a dull office job just to earn a living. Therefore, I combined my great passion for horses with my desire to be creative and became an equine photographer.

I spent 3 years to become an officially certified photographer before I took the risk of self-employment. I’m in love with clear structures and compositions. My intention is to make the viewer look at an image over and over again. Studio photography is the core of my work and to me it’s the most imposing way to present the beauty and grace of these majestic animals. Sometimes it takes two or three days until I get the picture I had in mind. Horses don’t use our language to communicate so you have to find a way to tell a horse what you want it to do for you. Each horse has its own character and attitude. One of the most challenging and also fulfilling tasks is to find out how to direct and motivate this one particular horse and turn an idea into a picture. The post processing of a single picture takes up to 20 hours more hours.

I’m 24 years old now. My pictures are featured in magazines, books, galleries and on TV around the globe. This year I published my third book about horse photography. I’m truly living my passion.

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