The Japanese are arguably the weirdest nation on the whole Earth. Well, at least to us Westerners, they are. Not only do they have unique character traits and culture, but also a very particular sense of style and fashion. The Japanese are even capable of mixing pets and clothes design together in a fantastic way.

Unihabitat, a design brand in Japan dedicated to creating clothing and home products for pets and their humans, has created what is possibly the best hoodie ever – the ‘mewgaroo.’ Not only is it an adorable cat-shaped hoodie with paw-like sleeves, but it has a kangaroo pouch, acting like a cat carrier, so you and your furry friend can snuggle and stay warm.

The kangaroo pouch can also be used for smaller lap dogs in a pinch, and it also has a removable lining so you can get rid of the fur that will eventually build up in the hoodie/pet carrier hybrid. The cat hoodie will cost you 5,980 yen, which is about 50 USD or 45 euros.

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The Mewgaroo hoodie has a pouch just for your cat

Now, taking cat-naps together will be even more comfy

It works for smaller dogs, too!

The pouch also has a removable sleeve to help clean out the fur that will build up inside

A video of a cat taking a break in the pouch: