Hi everyone! I am back after a short break and wanted to show you these cute little unique creatures from the world of wildlife in rainforests. These tiny animals are called the ‘Honduran White Bats’ and I found them while walking through a rainforest in Costa Rica during one of my photo walks. They are also found in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

The cuties are also called Caribbean white tent-making bat or Cotton ball-bats and what you see is the maximum size they ever reach. Their sizes don’t vary much between individuals or between males and females. However, males are a little bit bigger and heavier than females, coming in at closer to 4.7cm or slightly larger.

These bats roost under leaves of Heliconia plant and chew on the rim of the leaf for nutrition, hence the term ‘tent-making bat’. They are vegetarians and mostly live their lifetime under these leaves. Each roost has about 6-7 bats and they just cutely and quietly live their lives.

Now near threatened, these unique little bats are as precious as they get and very difficult to spot. Nature has so much to offer and see, all we need to make sure is we respect and protect them. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Honduran white bats roosting

View from under the leaf


Another under the leaf view

Camouflaging nicely

Honduran White bats from Costa Rica: