Since years I have been creating full wearable art costumes. I started out with just creating headpieces and then doing more and more. From headdresses to corsets, leg to hand jewelry and now to finish the already super time consuming costume with heels!

It all began with a challenge – I was asked to design heels for Cardi B. I never did that before but I’m always up for a challenge. To finish the full costume I made for her video clip ‘up’ I wanted to make these shoes fit the rest of the aesthetic of the ‘porcelain’ feel.

And so, the seed was planted for what would become a passion for creating wearable art from head to toe. I made a few designs that matched the ‘porcelain’ corsets I made, but I wanted experiment with different shapes and techniques.

Lumiere, who? Heels adorned with real candles

When I got to design shoes for Naomi Jon, whose ideas are as wild and daring as they are inspiring. When she suggested a candle theme for her custom heels, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to inject a touch of danger into the design – candles on the heels. It begged the question of safety, but isn’t art about embracing risks and pushing boundaries?

The candle-themed heels marked a turning point, not just in terms of design but in my willingness to experiment. These heels caused a sensation across the internet , fueling my desire to explore different shapes, themes, and techniques.

Videoclip of Naomi Jon, wearing the candle heels. Matching with the candle outfit I also created


Holy smokes: celestial heels

And then came the piece de resistance – the celestial heels with attached leg jewelry. A creation that stole my heart and captivated the internet. What made it stand out? Not just the meticulous hand-sculpted moon heel but the secret compartments that housed smoke machines. Yes, you read that right – smoke machines! Picture this: a trail of ethereal smoke following every step. A labor-intensive project, but the joy of watching the concept come to life made every second worth it.

Celestial smoking heels, close up

White marble heels

As I reflect on this creative journey, I can’t help but feel a sense of fulfillment and excitement for what lies ahead. Each challenge has been a stepping stone, and with every new project, I find myself pushing the boundaries of wearable art. So here’s to embracing the wild challenges, saying ‘yes’ to the unknown, and continuing to infuse every creation with a bit of magic!

Pastel pink and blue heels, finished with glass beading


Heels, fully adorned with pearls (by hand)

My first pair, made for cardi b


Cardi B wearing the heels in her videoclip ‘up’

Different design of ‘porcelain’ heels

Design matching to a ‘porcelain’ corset I made