Sixty five years ago, history took a different turn when Iran’s first democratically elected government was toppled during a coup. It is believed that these events, which took place in 1953, set Iran on a course towards dictatorship.However, not enough people are familiar with the role the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played in organizing the coup, thus ruining relations with Iran and beginning to destabilize the middle east. The documents proving CIA’s involvement were released only in 2013, and with so many Americans talking about erasing history, one Twitter user decided to create a thread to inform people about the events that took place in Iran half a decade ago, to teach them of the facts that were hidden. Scroll below to read this powerful thread below!

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This half-Iranian took to Twitter to explain that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to historical truth

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To illustrate this idea, they use the important part of Iran’s history