Did you enjoy looking at 20 Stunning High Speed Photography shots? While all these exploding fruits look really cool, some of the most beautiful shots come from high-speed water photographers.

I want you to meet Lindend Gledhill and A.Connah, guys who explore the world of liquids with their heavily equipped cameras bringing us these breathtaking frozen moments.

At first, I thought they get these shots simply by mixing some paint with water and than dripping it while manually trying to catch the very best moments with a hand-held camera. But the truth is that photographers use sound vibrations to generate drops and professional electronic flash triggers sensitive enough to detect a clear water drop or a bullet traveling at over 1,300 km/hour.

“Cognisys, Inc ( is a leading provider of high-speed photography synchronization equipment. Products such as StopShot are widely used for water drops, insects, ballistics, and food photography. Three independent output channels allow the user to synchronize events (via infrared, laser, or audio sensors) in virtually any possible configuration – from 50 millionths of a second up to 24 hours.”

So theory aside, let’s freeze the motion for a while, and enjoy these Colorful High-Speed Water Figures.

Linden Gledhill


(Bamboos for ©linden.g)

A.Connah (Water On a Speaker)


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