No bully should be applauded, that’s for sure, but some of them could especially use being taken down a notch.

This redditor made sure her bully was taught a lesson during Spanish class, but the said “lesson” was not in Spanish. The OP was paired up with her for a project, which is when she decided to get petty revenge on her and make sure she failed; and did so in front of the whole class.

Some high school bullies can really make one’s life a living hell

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This redditor decided to teach her bully a lesson


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Many people have experienced bullying at least once in their lives

It’s arguably safe to assume that nearly everyone has been subjected to bullying at least once in their lives. Whether it was a lengthy nightmare spanning throughout the high school years or sporadic comments at work or elsewhere, it’s difficult to escape a problem that’s so widespread.

The youth charity Ditch The Label delved deeper into what leads to bullying and found that out of more than seven thousand respondents, half experienced bullying over the last year and roughly 14% have bullied others themselves.

The data revealed that some common reasons behind such behavior include stress and traumatic experiences the bully has undergone in their life, instability in regards to relationships, and difficulties in family life, among other things.


Such negative circumstances that result in people bullying others—often those weaker than them—create a vicious cycle of unhappiness and stress, as, needless to say, their words and actions have a strong detrimental effect on others, too.

Bullying can have a strong negative effect on the person on the receiving end

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Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) emphasized that bullying can lead to social and emotional distress, physical injury, depression, and lower academic achievements, among other adverse consequences. It also revealed that unfortunately, in this day and age, bullying is quite a grave problem, especially among high school students, one fifth of whom report being bullied at school.

Be it as it may, CDC reported that it’s not high schools where the situation is the worst, as middle schools seemingly report the highest numbers of bullying. The latter is where cyberbullying—bullying using technology—is reportedly the most widespread, too.

Whether at school or elsewhere, bullying can have a strong negative effect on children’s developing brain. Research suggests that it targets certain brain regions, which can result in poor cognitive reasoning, a sensitivity toward facial expressions, and overall distress, affecting their behavior and emotion regulation.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pointed out that the bullies are typically in a position of power in regards to the person they’re hurting. Reports by bullied students from 12 to 18 years of age show that roughly half of their bullies had the power to influence other students’ perception of them or simply had more social influence; roughly 40% were physically stronger and nearly a third were wealthier.


It’s not only children that might have to deal with a bully

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But, as mentioned before, it’s not only children that are subjected to bullying; similarly to kids in schools, some adults face bullying at work, a place where they spend quite a large portion of their time, too.

Unfortunately, the situation at work is not much better than in schools, if not worse; and it seems that it might not be headed in the right direction either. Forbes reports that in just over a decade from 2008 to 2019, the number of employees reporting workplace bullying increased from 75% to nearly 94%. To make matters worse, out of those dealing with bullying, more than half have to do it because of their boss or a manager.

Whether it’s work, school, or anyplace else, for that matter, bullying can have a negative effect on people of any age, which made the OP no exception. But after years of her bully making her life absolutely miserable, as she put it herself, she decided not to take it anymore and sought petty revenge.

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Some people have encountered similar situations themselves