I want to know! I want to see if you're like me or not. I have four main things that I think might happen. I am terrified that they might happen.


Probably war. It would be so scary to be caught in a warzone. Seeing your city destroyed and fearing for your life. It's so sad to think that's happening to so many people in the world.


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Oh my god, This post is 12 months old, and this is what exactly is happening right now 💀

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People I love die

getting covered in bugs

and my favorite anime being discontinued or cancelled!



My top four things:
1) That my mom will die
2) That my stepdad will die
3) That my brothers will die
4) That my best friend will get mad at me and hate me forever and then we r not friends



A lot of people have been really awful lately, and i'm afraid some of my idols will also be bad people, i'm also worried that this virus is gonna be the end of the world. I'm also afraid of loosing the people I love, or myself dying.



Ok. So I've told this story on another question thing and I'm going to tell it again so you know. When I was in fifth grade, we were watching a movie and I sat next to this girl. Later then she was invited to go up to the front with her friends. I was watching like everything was normal until I saw some gum in her desk. So, the entire time for the whole movie, I've been stealing some of her gum. When she got back, she looked into her desk and saw that her pack of gum was empty. She looked at me and I was scared out of my mind. She like, "Did you see who ate this?" and I just said no and walked away. What I'm really afraid of is her coming back to school and we meet again. I was planning on telling her after summer vacay but she moved to a different school. I have been regreting my descision ever since. If anyone chooses to downvote this story that I have shared, I am not stopping you...


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