For people who visited the United States, how accurate was the portrayal of the country in movies/media? Were you let down or not when visiting?


The whole reason for my first visit to the states was portion sizes. I'd been quite ill and lost 5st (about 70lbs) and I was trying to regain weight. I have to say it didn't disappoint.

In New York I was amazed that manhole covers really did steam! I though that was added in films to create atmosphere.

TV! OMFG how do you put up with adverts every other minute?

I found the polar extremes hard to deal with. Rules are either really strict or super slack. At the airport I ticked the box marked 'Food items', only to be told that 'those snacks don't count as food'. But you go 1mm over the line at passport control and you get shouted at to 'STEP BACK!'



Gigantism seems to be the most pervasive theme. Houses, cars, meals, noises, people, guns; they all seem to be outsized. When I got there it seemed accurate.



My partner said that it was quite similar. His first shock was the weird questionnaire that you must fill, who asks if you have committed genocide? He liked a lot the beautiful nature most people and the experience but was surprised about how stereotypical some of his coworkers were (carrying guns in the car to work, voting for Trump and so)


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