When librarian Courtney Bonnet moved into her new house last June, she knew exactly what to do with the cupboard under the stairs. Inspired by the cupboard where Harry Potter lived at 4 Privet Drive, the Pennsylvania resident used old Harry Potter books to paper the walls, turning the tiny room into a “Wizards Only” space for her kids.

“I have been a huge Harry Potter fan for a long time and I knew the soon as I saw the space that I wanted to turn it into a Harry Potter room, ” told Bonnet Bored Panda. “It took me about 8 days and cost about $250-300. I had a bunch of the Harry Potter stuff but did buy rugs and the fabric for the walls.”

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“I first noticed [the secret room] when we came to an open house last year”

My husband and I bought the house “after agreeing I could turn the space into a Harry Potter–themed room”

“I just love Harry Potter and books and reading,” said librarian and mother Courtney Bonnet

“I am pretty crafty and handy around the house so I figured why not? What kid wouldn’t want their own secret room?”

“I want my kids to enjoy books and reading and see what an impact books can have on a person’s life”


Thank you, Courtney Bonnet, for talking to Bored Panda about your wonderful idea!