While most teens like to spread peanut butter on their toast every Monday morning, I like to spread smiles on faces. Meaning, I post a new comic – the physical evidence of a few hours’ planning and digital rendering. I love making people laugh, so I combined it with my love of cartoons and created abbycomics. In such a short amount of time I reached so many more people than I expected, and it really brightens my day to know people enjoy my comics. Here are some of the most popular comics from my instagram page.

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Even Scarier

The only thing worse than sleeping with a possible monster under the bed is lying awake with the knowledge there’s a spider there.

Who Wins This Competition?

In this case, more is in no way better.


If there’s one thing you need to know about science besides ‘mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell’, it’s that you already deal with so much negativity.

*BEEP* Test

The absolute WORST part of gym class. May it one day disappear from the curriculum and leave students in peace.


When you’re the friend who crafts, does hairdressing, and mixes things up easily.

Space Daydreaming

Those dreaded seconds between the car and door spent scrambling for the keys…

What Happens When You Miss School

On the first day back, get ready for a wave of caring friends and a bigger wave of homework.

World Kindness Day

Not a comic, but still follows idea of spreading happiness.