To look into Atchoum the hairy 9-month-old kitty’s dreadful gaze is to look death itself in the eye; it is a glance into the deep and eternal void. His piercing gaze will condemn your soul to death.

He is an ordinary cat, to be sure, albeit a bit hairy due to his hypertrichosis. His owner Nathalie even says that he’s a sweetie if you get to know him. But his eyes… good lord, his eyes…

Check out his owner’s responses to Bored Panda’s questions below!

More info: Facebook | Instagram (h/t: dailymail)

“He plays a lot with us and other cats we have. He’s very affectionate”

“Some liked him others not, but Atchoum cannot never leave you indifferent”

“The first week I got him, I noticed a little mustache around his nose and all other symptoms confirmed his condition. Unfortunately, there is no genetic test that can be done here”

“Atchoum looks like a strange creature in a fantastic tale”