British DJ Craig Shapes has hit the news recently for his hilariously relatable observations of quirky female habits, after sharing a house with two women for the last few months.

The ladies in question, Billie and Sarah, became best friends while rooming together at university in Kent, where Craig is from. “They are literally inseparable those two,” Craig told Bored Panda. After Billie and Craig became a couple, they lived together for a year before it was time to upsize into a bigger house. They had a spare room so of course, Sarah moved in.

Craig is used to living with others so the dynamic came naturally for him. “I’ve had male roommates before, and my advice for any guys that get the opportunity to live with females is to go for it!” He told us. “It’s far better than living with another guy! Blokes (guys) are messy and smelly in my experience, I feel very lucky in my situation.”

The girls are very accommodating and understanding, and Craig gets his space in the bathroom (They only take a couple of hours max to get ready before going out, even with the catwalk shows), and the football-mad Arsenal fan always gets the TV when the game is on. “We’ve got an unspoken, mutual agreement going on with that,” he told Bored Panda. “I think they might go a little crazy during the summer when the World Cup is on though.”

“But they are really good about it, and that’s why I sit without complaint and watch their shows, like Love Island and The Kardashians, without complaining because they do the same for me.”

Scroll down below to check out Craig’s lessons from living with women below, male or female, you are bound to relate to at least a few of them!

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Last year Craig moved in with two girls

He decided to share the experience

People quickly started sharing their own observations