Each generation has it’s own variety of bizarre toy creations. You know, the toys that you found so entertaining at the time but now looking back you think WTF? I mean whose grand idea was it to create the never-dying, obnoxious Furby? (David Hampton, Richard C. Levy and Caleb Chung, that’s who).

Well among the list of odd creations is the expandable water toy. Created using superabsorbent polymer technology, originating first in the early 1960’s, these various shapes can grow to around quadruple their original size in water. A Tumblr user came across one of these retro toys at Goodwill, but couldn’t quite figure out what the object inside was supposed to grow into. After 23 hours of observation and some comical ‘scientific’ commentary, they were met with an odd and unexpected result. Scroll down below for the whole story and the big reveal from Bored Panda!

This Tumblr user found something weird at Goodwill

So they decided to put it in water to see what would hatch

People had mixed reactions to the user’s new “child”