There’s nothing more wholesome than seeing elders living their best lives. While some take up crotcheting, others – traveling, this fancy grandma is into fashion. However, her fashion style is by no way inspired by the latest trends on the runway – her biggest inspiration is the flowers in her garden.

Recently, a Twitter user under the nickname makulit posted four adorable photos of her grandmother posing next to her colorful blooms. All of her outfits are carefully coordinated and match with the blossoms of the plants. The Twitter thread not only went instantly viral, but it also inspired other people to post pictures of their lovely grandparents in their gardens, as well.

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This person posted photos of her grandma coordinating the colors of her clothes to the flowers

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“My grandma matching with the flowers in her garden,” a person under the username makulit wrote. The post almost instantly went viral, gathering up more than 170k likes and over 30k comments.

The grandma posed in front of her colorful blooms like the true fashion icon she is

Image credits: fizhsaus

In the photos posted, you can see a lovely grandma standing next to her flowers, posing proudly with her coordinated outfits. “We Stan a fashion icon and green thumb queen,” one person commented.

Twitter users noticed that she thought through her outfits to the smallest of details

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The grandma is clearly having the time of her life and enjoys flaunting her flawless looks. She looks stylish from head to toe, “even the handbag matches,” one Twitter user noted. “What a queen,” another person commented.

The thread became so popular, other people started posting their grandparents posing in their gardens as well

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Image credits: cattruongggg

Image credits: cattruongggg

This gentleman was praised by Twitter users for his immaculate sense of style and posing skills as well. The person who posted her grandfather’s photoshoot said that he himself brought a bunch of shirts to her, so she could take pictures of him in the garden.

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Look at that poise and grace on the right picture – the man clearly knows what he’s doing. God bless these legends. Especially this dude right here,” one person commented.

Image credits: JennaTHEboo

Image credits: JennaTHEboo

“She’s so beautiful. Her face tells a thousand stories!” someone pointed out. “Thank you so much. She is truly my treasure,” the person who posted the pictures responded.

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The person who started the thread probably didn’t expect it to blow up like this

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“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the love and even some people sharing pics of their own elders. I’m on vacation [right now] so I haven’t had the chance to go [through] all the comments in person [with] her but I know she’s gonna love all this attention! Will Update ya’ll! We can’t wait for the updates!

For many, the now-viral Twitter thread was heartwarming to see

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