Depression is a serious illness that requires medical intervention and is the leading cause of disability in the United States between the ages of 15 and 44. While more common in women, many men are also affected by the disorder. But sometimes it’s not so easy to spot when someone is depressed. There are many people out there who’ll hide their feelings away and refuse to reach out for help for various reasons. Some feel shame, while others generally don’t rely on other people when it comes to solving issues and problems.

However, some people are lucky enough to have an amazing support system. Whether it’s their brothers, sisters, parents or friends—⁠a shoulder which you can cry on gives a feeling of security and certain issues can become easier to face. Sadly, many men are taught to ‘toughen up,’ ‘don’t be a baby,’ and ‘don’t cry like a girl.’ For this reason, as the National Health Institute reports, “men with mental illnesses are also less likely to have received mental health treatment,” while the suicide rates for men are higher.

But one man’s friend’s text has gone viral for all the right reasons. The said friend noticed that something was up and did not seem right, so he decided to text him. The message was shared on Twitter and blew up big time, with over 19k retweets and more than 94k likes. Scroll down below to read it!

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Useful links: Crisis Text Line | National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | Trevor Project Lifeline for LGBTQ youth

One guy shared a text message that his friend sent after getting worried about his pal’s mental health

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Apparently, Jay—the man who shared the text message on his Twitter—was feeling down and his pal took notice of it. The friend reached out to Jay and said that he noticed that Jay “hasn’t been himself these past few months.”

Jay took it to Twitter to share the wholesome message

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More than 20k people commented on the text message, with many of them praising the friend for offering his unconditional support. “I love this bro to bro talk. Really important during hard times,” one man commented. “You are really blessed to have such a friend,” another person noted.

Which said that the said friend was worried about his ‘homie’

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The now-viral text message read: “Yo yesterday you said some [stuff] that has been on my mind all day and kind of left me worried about you. I didn’t say anything then but I just want you to know that you’re loved, man. I can tell you haven’t been yourself these past few months. I don’t ask any questions because I don’t want to pry but you should know that I’m paying attention. If you want to talk I’m always here bro. Even if you just need a shoulder to lean on. I can offer advice or I can just listen; whatever you need. I know you’re not really a religious person but I’ve started including you in my prayer every night because you’re not alone. I normally turn my phone off before I go to sleep but I’ll start leaving it on so [hit me up] anytime ’cause I’m worried about you, homie.”

Jay probably didn’t realize the attention he was about to receive after sharing the text

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“I have been receiving so much love and support in my mentions and DMs,” the man wrote. “I really appreciate all y’all caring for my well being. I only posted this to show how supportive my friends are, I never expected strangers to show support as well. I truly thank all of y’all.”

People found the text really heartwarming

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