We usually think of abusive relationships as black eyes and broken noses, but bad relationships aren’t limited to physical traumas. Psychological scars can be just as – if not more – painful and, sadly, any relationship can inflict them, even if your jealous girlfriend is just a teen.

Signs of an abusive relationship, however, is sometimes hard to spot even for the victims. Especially if they’re madly in love and held firmly under control by the subject. That’s why someone posted a brutally honest message on Tumblr, which should help identify if a teen girl is abusing her partner. The post quickly gained attention, and so far, it has amassed almost 290k notes. People are even reblogging it in spite of losing followers. Scroll down to read the brilliant text covering abusively strict rules and behavior some girls inflict on their boyfriends and let’s hope more people will openly discuss this uncomfortable yet very important topic.

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