Dating is hard. Especially the beginning. I mean, watching The Notebook together isn’t enough to figure out the other person and whether they have the same expectations for the relationship as you do. These things don’t happen overnight. They take time and effort.

Recently, redditor redberryberry had been spending a fair amount of time with this one girl. She seemed nice and they were still getting to know each other, but it suddenly turned out that she was interested only in his wallet. Of course, it’s better to learn these things sooner rather than later, so you could say redberryberry dodged a bullet before taking any serious damage. However, he still wanted to make her pay for it. After getting back at the sneaky miss, redberryberry shared the story on r/ProRevenge and their post quickly went viral, receiving over 16K upvotes! Continue scrolling and see everything for yourself.


“I liked this girl mainly because she was sarcastic and beautiful, two things I look for a lot in dating,” redberryberry told Bored Panda. “She seemed really interesting and I wanted to get to know her more so that’s when we exchanged numbers and socials.”

Their dates would always be restaurants or places that sold food and stuff like that. “I tried to recommend other things like taking a walk or just coffee or something, but it would always be met with an excuse as to why she couldn’t or she would just say she didn’t feel up to it. But whenever it was a nice place or something she would be more than eager.”

Reflecting on their conversations, the guy thinks most of the trickery was over text. “She would often say she likes me a lot and can’t wait to see me and things like that, but when we were actually together she seemed disinterested and withdrawn,” he explained. “This would make me self conscious, and she would assure me over text (lying) that there was something between us.”

“Even though I could tell she seemed uninterested, I was blinded by lust admittedly and the texts she would send me, so I would always end up seeing her again just to repeat the cycle. Some of it was definitely my fault for being stupid and keep letting her drag me on.”


After all the texts after their date that he walked out on, he sent her the screenshot and everything and how he found out she was using him. He then told her to fuck off. She blocked him and they haven’t talked ever since.

People had a lot to say about the situation


There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to splitting the bill on a date. However, according to Emily Post’s Etiquette, the “official” rule states that, “for a first date at least, the person who asks for the date should pay unless both parties agree in advance to share expenses.”

Candice Jalili, the Senior Sex + Dating Writer at Elite Daily, seconds this. “As far as I’m concerned, the guy should pay for the first date. And if he really wants this to go somewhere, he should pay for the second as well,” she wrote. “After that, I’ll be more open to splitting the bill. But those first couple of dates are the time for me to be courted a little.”


But this line of who asks who gets a little blurry in the modern age of online dating. Or if the people already know each other and at least one of them isn’t sure whether they’re going out on a date or something more casual.

A possible solution to the tricky situation could be “the reach”. Patricia Garcia wrote, “More than half of the staff [at VOGUE] agreed, you should always reach inside your bag once the check arrives—even if you don’t intend to pay.”

“You do the fiddling, the shuffling, and give them enough time to reach for their own wallets to take care of the bill,” one of the magazine’s editors said. “Or else what’s the option? Just sitting there and staring at them, waiting? No, that’s too awkward.”

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