Brianna Ludlum from South Carolina didn’t go to her prom because her boyfriend had moved to Europe, but the 18-year-old made up for it in the funniest way. During the big day, she went around photobombing her friends’ pictures dressed as a sloth, and it turned out to be more than a prank. The whole thing distracted her enough to not get upset about missing the event.

Brianna and her boyfriend Saulo began dating in September 2016. In August, Saulo went to attend Twente University in the Netherlands but that didn’t break the couple up, too. “The long distance is actually working out relatively well,” Brianna told Bored Panda. “We FaceTime often and have movie dates. I’m actually going to visit him this summer.”

Her love for sloths began in the 8th grade. “I saw a documentary on sloths <…> that had many interesting facts about them, and they’re just really cute animals,” Brianna said. “I like to show people clips of documentaries and know little facts about them that I like to share.”

In fact, Brianna adores these lazy mammals so much, Saulo got the sloth costume for her as a gift. Wearing it to the photo shoots, however, was not something Brianna had planned. “I was in the costume that morning to be warm, and my suitemate’s mom saw me and thought me wearing it to pictures would be funny. We joked about it a lot, and somehow it just became an actual thing.”

“She went to [Saulo’s] senior prom and considered it her own last year so this year she had no problem with just having a good time and participating in prom pictures,” Brianna’s brother Cameron pointed out. “Just as a sloth. She could have been in a funk but she wasn’t, and that’s why I love my little sis.”

“A lot of people told me I would feel that I was missing out, but I really didn’t,” Brianna confessed. “I treated my junior prom with Saulo as my senior prom, so I was content. I had attended other dances throughout the year, but the memories of Saulo and I there would bum me out a bit, and I didn’t want that [again.]”

This is Brianna and her boyfriend Saulo who currently lives on the other side of the world

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He couldn’t come back to Brianna’s prom

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So she decided not to go and have some fun of her own

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