Giraffes are really fascinating creatures—being the tallest mammals in the world, these African beauties can reach heights of up to 19 ft (around 6 meters)! But have you ever wondered how these leggy animals eat? You’ve probably seen somewhere—be it TV or real life—giraffes taking a branch in their mouth and then tearing off the leaves. However, it appears that it’s not the only way that giraffes get their food, and this video of a giraffe eating grass is going viral. Scroll down below to see what the fuss is about!

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Recently, one Twitter user shared a video of a giraffe eating grass off the ground

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If you’re one of the people who has never wondered about how giraffes eat grass, you’re not alone! Daniel Holland, a Twitter user, never did either, but now that he has seen it, he says it’s “majestic.” Apparently, for such a tall animal as a giraffe, eating grass can be tricky. In order to do that, the animals have to either bend at the knee or splay their front legs wide apart and to the front, exactly as in the video you’re about to see.

Apparently, the way they eat it was news for most people online

The giraffe doing “jumping jacks” (or “push-ups”) has certainly cracked some people up

Image credits: Daniel Holland

Being the tallest animals on Earth, the diet for a giraffe is limited to the plants that are within reach of their mouths. However, their incredible height and way of eating make them an important part of the circle of life by acting as pollinators for various plants. In addition to the giraffe trivia, did you know that their favorite food is the acacia tree? Well, now you do!

Some people on Twitter started sharing fascinating, giraffe-related things

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And here’s what the funny side of Twitter said

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