Even though some people are lucky or smart enough to get it right the first time when it comes to relationships, most of us humans that were ever in one know the bitter taste of heartbreak and have heard the forever classic phrase “it’s not you, it’s me”. But some break-ups are probably way worse than others and of course, we’re talking about those where a third person is involved. All the while most of us choose to go through the pain quietly or in the company of those closest to us, some choose to share their experience with the wide world of the Internet, so we can all fall asleep a little bit calmer, knowing we don’t have the worst of it.

This woman anonymously took over Reddit by sharing her break-up story

Even after seeing what she saw, she decided not to make a fuss

She decided to cut herself off from him completely right there at that moment

Furthermore, she even asked her family and friends to cut him off as well

She not only ghosted him on social media but in real life, too

She didn’t leave any opportunities for them to have a dialogue, ever

It seemed it wasn’t only the best option for her but the best kind of revenge also

Most people praised her for what she did but there were some who were not so approving

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