People in the U.S. have been arguing over gender-neutral public bathrooms for years – and opinions appear to still be split. Some people say that it makes them feel uncomfortable, while others say that it provides safety and inclusivity to all. Twitter user @MaryBear_ took to the platform to share her opinion and experience in a gender-inclusive bathroom and people in the comments had divided reactions.

The woman said that she was in the bathroom stall, and two men came in while she was on her way out and that their presence and use of the bathroom made her feel uncomfortable. Scroll down to read the story for yourself and share your opinion in the comments.

A woman took to Twitter recently to share her complaints about a man in a gender-neutral bathroom

However, not everyone was supportive of her complaints

While other people backed her up

While gender-segregated bathrooms seen as a standard today, they are actually a modern invention. Less than 300 years have passed since the first gendered bathrooms first appeared in Paris in 1739. In the U.S., the gender-specific bathrooms weren’t put into law until the ‘separate spheres’ social phenomenon of the late 1800s. This ideology stated that women should avoid public spaces and focus on the home.

People in the comments felt the OP missed the point of gender-neutral bathrooms altogether

Gender-neutral bathrooms provide equal rights to both non-gender conforming and gender-conforming people. For non-binary and trans people, they provide a safer zone and a more inclusive place to use the bathroom; and are safer for families with children, as parents are able to accompany their other-gender children to wash up. Beyond safety, gender-neutral bathrooms provide more access to people with disabilities who might have other-gender caregivers.