Russia is the home to many a thing. Some of them marvelous, some of them pretty odd, the country’s vast lands fit it all, as we have already established here at Bored Panda. Having said that, probably no one could argue that Russians are commonly known to cross the lines of what is deemed normal and surprise the world with something that would make people use the famous saying “only in Russia”. Well, this Russian gas station’s idea of marketing is definitely one of those things and it’s hilarious!

Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia had a quite strange idea for publicity

Some say there’s no such thing as bad publicity and the marketing team of this gas station in Russia would certainly agree with them.

They decided to give free fuel for anyone dressed in a bikini

They came up with quite a shocking idea for a publicity stunt and offered free fuel for anyone in a bikini.

All the while they probably expected females enroll in this stunt

Little did they know then that some men would show up wearing bikinis too! Our guess, that this wasn’t something they actually expected.

The gas station left out a loophole in their generous offer

Even though this special offer only lasted for three hours, people were able to get some shots of guys sporting those tiny scraps of material.

In not specifying the gender of the bikini wearers that would get their check waved off

While the event could seem downgrading to some, loads of people didn’t hesitate and seized the moment as there was a long queue of both men and women all dressed in bikinis waiting to fill up their tanks.

And several men were brave enough to use that in their advantage

Some people could be seen helping their partners who sat this one out in the safety of their cars.

Not only did they dressed down and put up those little tiny bikinis


Even though this publicity stunt truly caught the eye of people around the world, it wasn’t as original as you could think.

Some went an extra miles to put on some high-heels to go with their attire


A gas station in Ukraine decided to do the same a year after this even in Russia. Needless to say, they left the same loophole in their offer and got a mixed clientele of men and women in bikinis as well.

Well… Only in Russia!

Well, while you can question the morals behind this all you want, we can all be sure of one thing: they indeed got the publicity they wanted.

People on the Internet added up to the situation hilariously