Sexy roleplay isn’t for everybody, and it needs at least two willing participants to make it work (or so we hear), because as you can see from this amusing exchange, it doesn’t go so well when one of you refuses to “get into the zone.”

Apparently this random creep had been bugging the woman, who goes by the name of TheOwlAndTheFinch, to roleplay with him for weeks. When she finally agreed to participate however, it didn’t quite so as planned. “For some persistent people, simply not talking doesn’t work,” she wrote on Reddit. “They are perfectly content to keep spamming until you respond- so you have to give them a reason to not want to respond.” And she certainly did just that! Scroll down to see the full hilarious conversation.

When some random creep asked a woman to do some “sexy roleplay” with him, this is what happened

“He’s crazy persistent and tried to keep going after this,” wrote the woman

It seems that this isn’t the first person the creep has approached

The internet was quick to respond