Even if we never experienced such a phenomenon on our own, all of us surely have read about plenty of internet scammers that try to lure your money out in one way or another. While some pretend to be an African or Indian lover, there are quite a large number of scammers who use pictures of attractive women to mask their true intentions. And while usually, their use of grammar and illogical responses give them away, sometimes it’s not that easy to spot. One Imgur user recently shared his chat with a scammer ‘Mary’ on Facebook, where he decided to go along with her story and have some cheeky fun with it. He used dark humor to see how far the scammer would go, especially when the talk turned to money. Scroll down to read the conversation and tell us what you think!

One guy recently shared a chat he had with a Facebook scammer where he decided to have some fun with it

Here’s what people had to say about the whole situation