This Mexican-looking guy kept on getting security called on him in his own neighborhood, so he decided to finally do something about it.

This guy, whose name is unknown, has been living in an older gated community for over eleven years now, yet some of his neighbors apparently still can’t remember him. The guy’s mom is Portuguese/Japanese and father is Swedish/German, but his friend (SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams) claims he kind of looks like an enormous Mexican, and that’s what his neighbor thinks as well. Whenever he walks his dog, he’s constantly asked questions like “Sir, can I help you?”, “Do you live here?” or “Do you realize you’re trespassing?”. And even though he does live there and calmly points it out every time, sometimes he even gets security called on him. One day, when the Mexican-looking guy (who is not straight but low-key about it) finally found out who kept calling security, he decided to do something about it and it was pretty hilarious. Keep on scrolling to see what he did!

This guy has been living in his neighborhood for over 11 years now, yet some of his neighbors still can’t remember him

So he decided to do something about it

But what he did next was just the best